6 Websites for Free PowerPoint Templates

Still the king when it comes to presentation software, Microsoft PowerPoint was born in 1990 (the same year as me as it happens!). Today an estimated 350 presentations are given each second across the globe, using PowerPoint. Visual aids, such as PowerPoint, are exactly what it says on the tin – something you layer over a message to aid the experience.

In this article I link to six websites where you can find great PowerPoint templates that can be downloaded instantly, usually without any registration. You can then use these templates as a starting point to create unique customised visuals that will enhance your message and engage your audience.

It’s important to remember that when preparing for a presentation that will use visual aids, you should think about the slides last. Think about your main message, structure its supporting points, practice it and time it — and then start thinking about your slides. Learn more about that process here.

1) Presentation Magazine

Presentation Magazine is a web resource for oodles of free PowerPoint templates that can serve the needs of both home and business users well. There are more than 50,000 PowerPoint backgrounds, templates, and even useful clip art that you can download.

2) Slide Hunter

If you are someone looking for PowerPoint designs that can help you to illustrate business models and charts or interpret data in an easy to grasp format, then Slide Hunter is a great resource. This website provides 4,000+ free templates.

3) Templates Wise

Templates Wise has a large collection of templates made from photographs, abstract graphics and clip art. Categories include business, finance, nature and travel. Besides templates, the site offers free charts, diagrams, icons and music loops.

4) FPP Templates

Among the websites which offer free PowerPoint templates FPPT is one of the oldest, and one of the best. This website has a mammoth collection of more than 7,000 free PowerPoint templates ranging from general purpose templates to presentation templates designed for categories like business, education, technology, medicine, law and travel.

5) Slide Geeks

This website has about 400 free templates which you can download. The great thing about this selection is that most of the presentation designs are very unique and professional. There is also an option to upgrade to custom designs. Check out Slide Geeks here.

6) Slide Team

Another useful website that offers great PowerPoint templates is Slide Team. All you have to do is sign up and you can download the PowerPoint templates for free.

Over to You

Whether you are a student, freelancer or someone who needs to make a presentation at the workplace, you can download many quality templates for free from the websites linked above. Wishing you the very best of luck in your next presentation!