My Interview with Matt Abrahams

I’m delighted to introduce an interview with Matt Abrahams. Matt is a passionate, collaborative and innovative educator and coach who teaches Strategic Communication for Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and Presentation Skills for Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program, and De Anza College. Matt is also Co-Founder of Bold Echo, which is an industry leading communication coaching consulting practice.

During my chat with Matt we discuss:

  • The communication challenges faced by people in the corporate world (2.15)
  • General tips to help people prepare for a speech or presentation (5:05)
  • Breaking down the speech preparation into 3 phases (6.35)
  • Connecting with any audience during a speech (7.45)
  • How to use visual aids when you present (10.06)
  • Overcoming nerves, building confidence and being authentic (15.51)
  • Recommended books about effective communication (19.22)
  • The best investment Matt has made in his journey (23.57)
  • Final words of advice for the aspiring public speaker (27.36)

For more great advice check out Matt’s websites No Freaking Speaking and Bold Echo.

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