My Interview with Eoghan McDermott

A couple of weeks ago I sat down for a chat with Eoghan McDermott. Eoghan is a Director of The Communications Clinic and Head of Training. He provides public speaking and presentation advice and training to government departments and agencies, political parties and organisations in industries as varied as banking, accountancy, legal, engineering, sport, media, insurance and telecoms.

Eoghan regularly contributes to a variety of local and national radio shows including Today FM’s The Last Word and is the communications advisor for a number of Ireland’s top sportspeople from Gaelic Games, Rugby, Soccer, Boxing and Athletics.

During my chat with Eoghan we discuss:

  • Eoghan’s experiences working across the communications business (1.30)
  • The importance of public speaking skills for developing in your career (4.58)
  • Advice for getting started with public speaking as a beginner (6.38)
  • Thinking about your audience when preparing for a presentation (9.03)
  • Top tips for reducing stress before making a speech or presentation (10.34)
  • How PowerPoint can be both a positive and negative tool for speakers (14.22)
  • Eoghan’s rules of thumb for using slides effectively in a presentation (16.51)
  • How stories can be told in tandem with facts to enhance a presentation (19.30)
  • What Eoghan believes about communication that others think is insane (23.26)
  • Why listening skills are so important for any effective communicator (29.00)
  • A person who comes to mind when Eoghan thinks about great speakers (29.27)
  • Book recommendations about presenting and communications (33.25)
  • Final words of advice for an aspiring public speaker (35.22)

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