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Welcome to Communicate You blog. If you have a desire to develop your ability as a public speaker, but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

Communicate You blog launched in March 2015 with a simple mission:

to provide the tools and techniques needed to become an effective public speaker, step by step

The goal from day one was, and still is, to capture the key elements of public speaking and presentation techniques as I experience them in my own life.

Communicate You has evolved into an extensive collection of articles, interviews and resources, all of which are completely free. Check out the full archive here.

Preparing for a Speech?

If you are looking for a quick and easy guide for speech preparation then I recommend you grab a copy of my free E-Book. It’s full of useful tips and strategies for structuring your talk and grabbing audience attention. Get access here.

Interview Posts

I am honoured to have spent time speaking with some of the biggest names in public speaking across the world for a growing series of interview posts. Check out some of the articles for tips and techniques to overcome nerves, tell stories, create audience connection, present powerful visuals and more.


Most Popular Blog Posts

Here’s a selection of the most popular articles on Communicate You blog.

I hope you enjoy exploring the website and find some value in the content. To find out more about my public speaking journey click here.