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The Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

It’s been another big year for Communicate You blog. Following the launch of the expert interview series in 2016, featuring some of the biggest names in public speaking, this year I began publishing the audio from those conversations. As you’ll see below these posts have been some of my most popular.

The list of subscribers to the blog continued to expand in 2017, and the website underwent a complete redesign, again! To mark the end of another year of the blog I’ve gathered the most popular blog posts of 2017.

Most popular

These aren’t necessarily the posts with the highest traffic, but posts that were well-received by readers, that earned a lot of social shares, or that, to be perfectly honest, I’m very proud of. Have a look below (click on each title to explore in full).

The Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

Technical Presentations for Non Technical People

In today’s world, technical people including scientists and engineers are being challenged more and more to give presentations to others. So how can you present a technical message that your non-technical audience understands? This post outlines 5 truths about delivering a technical presentation that is clear and convincing.

What? So What? Now What?

This post outlines an interesting speech structure What? So What? Now What? which can help you not only in prepared presentations but also in spontaneous speaking situations, such as off the cuff public speaking.

Communicate You Interviews Eoghan McDermott

Eoghan is a Director of The Communications Clinic in Dublin. He provides public speaking and presentation advice and training to individuals and companies all across Ireland and further afield. In this post you’ll hear about his advice and approach for making presentations memorable, reducing stress before making a speech and more.

Tips from Ireland’s Top Coaches

For this post I’ve gathered together some of Ireland’s leading public speaking and presentation coaches to garner some top tips and advice. For example; What’s the most important advice for a beginner speaker? What techniques do you teach to connect with an audience? (the response was so positive I extended this post into a 2 part series!)

6 Steps to Successful Public Speaking

When faced with delivering a speech or presentation many of us worry about what we are going to say or how the audience will react. This post outlines a simple method you can apply to help prepare and deliver well structured, compelling presentations.

Communicate You Interviews Nancy Duarte

Nancy is CEO of Duarte Design, the largest design firm in Silicon Valley. In this post you’ll read about her advice and approach to overcoming stage fright to wow an audience, the power of resonance when you speak to an audience and more.

Communicate You Interviews a World Champion

I was thrilled to interview Pres Vasilev, the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking. In this post we speak about his journey from being a new member of Toastmasters to speaking on stage at the world final and more.

What I’ve Learned from 2 Years of Blogging

To mark the 2 year anniversary of Communicate You blog I wrote an honest reflection about some of the important life skills that I’ve developed from blogging – skills that I have subsequently transferred to many other endeavours.

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