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The Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

Here at Communicate You blog, it’s been a great year. In early 2016 I launched the ‘Communicate You’ interview series, featuring some of the biggest names in public speaking. As you’ll see below these posts have been some of my most popular.

The list of subscribers to the blog doubled, not once but 3 times in 2016! And the website has undergone a complete redesign. Some of the other highlights have included posts on persuasive speaking, visual aids, technical content, vocal influence, inspiring speakers and preparing for a Q&A.

You’re absolutely forgiven for having only read, you know, five or six of them? But I still want to help you discover all the highlights you might have missed. With that in mind, I’ve gathered the most popular blog posts of 2016.

Most popular

These aren’t necessarily the posts with the highest traffic, but posts that were well-received by readers, that earned a lot of social shares, or that, to be perfectly honest, I’m very proud of. Have a look below (click on each title to explore in full).

The Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

6 Steps To Successful Public Speaking

When faced with delivering a speech or presentation many of us worry about what we are going to say or how the audience will react. There is no need to be worried! This post outlines a simple, yet hugely effective method that you can apply to help you prepare and deliver well structured, compelling presentations.

Communicate You Interviews Garr Reynolds

Garr is an internationally acclaimed communications expert, and the creator of the most popular site about presentation design and delivery on the net: Presentation Zen. I was honoured to talk with Garr about his advice and approach for stories in presentations, simplicity in presentation design, winning with a business presentation and more.

How To Present Like Steve Jobs

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was well known for his electrifying, inspiring and entertaining presentations. This post examines seven tools and techniques Jobs used to captivate and inspire his audience.

Steve Jobs Passion

6 Ways To Be a More Persuasive Speaker

The ultimate purpose of all presentations, especially in business, is to persuade. Even if you are not looking to make a sale, gain a contract or change audience members’ minds, you are still attempting to persuade them to listen to you, and to accept your point of view. This post outlines six techniques to make your job a little easier.

Communicate You Interviews Sarah Lloyd Hughes

Sarah is a popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, an award winning social entrepreneur, founder of Ginger Training and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking”. In this post we talk about her experience on the TED stage and also the techniques she teaches on preparing for a speech, engaging an audience and more.

How To Communicate Like Bill Clinton

The former US president is regarded by most people as one of the best speakers of any generation. If you take a leaf from Bill Clinton’s book, you too can give an engaging, memorable and meaningful speech. This post outlines four lessons.

Bill Clinton

Communicate You Interviews Roger Courville

Roger has been called “the Michael Jordan of online presentations and virtual classes”. He is creator of The Virtual Presenter and an internationally sought-after speaker and teacher. Some of the topics we discuss during this interview include preparing for a speech, keeping an audience engaged and how to use slides to enhance a presentation.

Communicate You Interviews Nancy Duarte

Nancy is CEO of Duarte Design, the largest design firm in Silicon Valley. In this post you’ll read about her advice and approach to overcoming stage fright to wow an audience, the power of resonance when you speak to an audience and more.

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