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Communicate You Interviews John Livesay

I’m delighted to introduce an interview with John Livesay. As a business consultant and coach, John Livesay helps people struggling with their pitch to become irresistible and get the funding they need – fast! John is Host of The Successful Pitch podcast and author of The Successful Pitch book.

During my chat with John we discuss:

  • Developing confidence and how to prepare for a speech (2.01)
  • Overcoming nerves by remembering ‘moments of certainty’ (3:21)
  • Connecting with any audience through storytelling (5:45)
  • Delivering technical presentations in the workplace (7:21)
  • How to use visual aids when you present (9:38)
  • Closing a presentation with a call to action (11:32)
  • The worst advice often dispensed about pitching (14.08)
  • Recommended books about pitching and presentations (16:42)
  • Advice about being authentic when you present (17:51)

For even more great advice check out John’s website here.

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