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World Champions of Public Speaking

Toastmasters is a community of over 345,000 members in 15,900 clubs in over 140 countries. Each year thousands of those members gather for the annual convention, culminating with the final round of an International Speech Contest, to produce the World Champion of Public Speaking. This post showcases a selection of previous speech winners. For those not familiar with Toastmasters, check out […]

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Communicate You Interviews John Livesay

I’m delighted to introduce an interview with John Livesay. As a business consultant and coach, John Livesay helps people struggling with their pitch to become irresistible and get the funding they need – fast! John is Host of The Successful Pitch podcast and author of The Successful Pitch book. During my chat with John we discuss: Developing confidence and […]

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How to Ace an Impromptu Speech

An ‘impromptu speech’ is a little different special. It’s a speech that you have to make when you haven’t been given notice time to allow you to prepare. The goal of an impromptu speech is not, nor should it be, to guide you into making a stirring, memorable speech that will have the audience jumping out of their […]

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How to Communicate Like Bill Clinton

Watching his performance at the Democratic Convention of 1988 it’s easy to forget that this Bill Clinton was almost booed off the stage early in his speaking career. The relatively unknown Clinton of those days was scheduled to speak for 15 minutes, but droned on for over a half-hour. His biggest applause line came at 32 minutes, when […]

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My Favourite Books About Public Speaking

For aspiring public speakers there ain’t no better way to learn about the craft than by reaching out for copies of some of the most famous books about the topic. While you can learn a lot from blog posts (especially Communicate You I hope!) there is still no substitute for an in-depth book, written by an […]

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How to Introduce a Speaker

Most of the posts on the blog are designed to enhance the preparation or delivery elements for your own speech or presentation. But what about when you are asked to introduce another speaker? There are many personal, academic and professional circumstances that call for a guest speaker. If you are ever in the position of introducing guest speakers, then […]

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The Public Speaking Secrets of Comedians

There’s no doubt about it – comedians are master public speakers. But why? This post assesses some of the most common techniques used by comedians to make their shows memorable. The simple five-step formula in this article can help any speaker to transform their presentation. Let’s jump straight in with secret number 1! Secret 1: Don’t Use Slides, Notes or a […]

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How to Handle the Q&A Session

You aced the presentation — don’t let the Q&A session take you down! Whether it’s a room full of people or just a few team members, properly handling the question and answer section of a presentation will either enforce your message — or undermine it. In this post I share 10 tips and techniques for handling the […]

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Communicate You Interviews Sarah Lloyd Hughes

I’m delighted to feature an interview with Sarah Lloyd Hughes. Sarah is a popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, an award winning social entrepreneur, founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson). She has also featured as a TED speaker. In this post we discuss Sarah’s […]

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6 Ways to be a More Persuasive Speaker

The ultimate purpose of all presentations, especially in business, is to persuade. Even if you are not looking to make a sale, gain a contract or change audience members’ minds, you are still attempting to persuade them to listen to you, and to accept your point of view. It’s a task that is easier said than […]

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