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Communicate You Interviews a World Champion

I’m delighted to introduce an interview with Pres Vasilev. Pres Vasilev rose above 30,000 contestants from 122 countries to become the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking. He is the President of Pres Says, Inc., a company specialising in training business leaders and sales teams to achieve greater influence, productivity, and profits. During my chat with Pres […]

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15 Great Quotes About Public Speaking

Below is a selection of the best quotes on public speaking that I’ve encountered in my research for Communicate You blog. These interesting and inspiring quotes are in no particular order, and the speakers range from well-known orators to presentation gurus. I’ve put together a pretty random list of 15 to get started. Quotes About Public Speaking There […]

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Communication Lessons From Donald Trump

Donald Trump has developed a reputation as the most controversial and divisive US president America has ever seen. The former businessman and Apprentice host has shown the world how to make more headlines than practically anybody else.  In this post I present four communication lessons you can learn from “The Donald”. Sure he’s not as gifted as his democratic past presidents such […]

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How to Communicate Like Bill Clinton

Watching his performance at the Democratic Convention of 1988 it’s easy to forget that this Bill Clinton was almost booed off the stage early in his speaking career. The relatively unknown Clinton of those days was scheduled to speak for 15 minutes, but droned on for over a half-hour. His biggest applause line came at 32 minutes, when […]

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How to Present Like Steve Jobs

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was well known for his electrifying, inspiring and entertaining presentations. He was always famous for his style of presentations, at any Apple event. It was Jobs’ unique presentation style — which fans referred to as a “Stevenote” — that helped make his keynotes so impressive. He was equally impressive when he took to […]

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The Value of Feedback & How To Get It

Let’s get one thing straight at the outset of this post. Everyone needs feedback. The reality is that no matter how compelling, good and effective you think your speech or presentation is, there is a huge advantage in getting someone to assess it and give you feedback. But there’s a slight problem. Many people find it hard to accept feedback. They […]

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The Anatomy of an Inspiring Speaker

During my research for Communicate You, I came upon a great blog by the public speaking expert Sarah Lloyd-Hughes. In one of her most popular posts, Sarah analyses the legendary “I Have A Dream” speech in minute detail, leaving us in no doubt about the great public speaking qualities of Martin Luther King. Why is the speech widely considered as one […]

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What Qualities Define an Inspiring Speech?

In my mind an inspiring speech has the following characteristics: Style – uses effective, appropriate language and displays masterful construction Substance – contains a central theme, logical flow and vivid imagery Impact – engaging and memorable, persuades audience and sparks action Here are 3 inspiring speeches that possess those 3 qualities: 1) Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic Convention Speech In July 2004, then-Illinois State […]

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