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Delivering A Speech

The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling

Let’s picture the scene. You are sitting in an audience waiting for the next presentation to begin. For the past hour your time has been consumed by data, bullets and lots of technical information. Now imagine the next speaker takes to the stage and launches into a PowerPoint presentation full of complex text and cluttered […]

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Communicate You Interviews Barry Brophy

A couple of weeks ago I called in to University College Dublin for a chat with Barry Brophy. With a background in engineering, Barry spent many years studying cognitive psychology in order to gain insights in how to explain technical material. Barry has nearly two decades of experience helping people make presentations in both the […]

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What? So What? Now What?

A powerful way to help you remember the content of any presentation you’re making is to provide a meaningful structure for your content. In fact research has shown that people retain structured information up to 40% more reliably and accurately than information that is presented in a more freeform manner. There are many presentation structures on which you […]

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My Favourite Articles About Public Speaking

Whether you are giving a presentation for colleagues in your work department or at a national conference, teaching in front of a group of students, or giving a job talk, public speaking is a critical skill to master. Despite such importance, public speaking consistently ranks as one of people’s top phobias. Many people even fear […]

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The Power of Stories in Business Presentations

Making presentations has always been a part of business life. For many years the idea of a good business presentation was to simply read the content of your slides aloud to an audience. If someone had a presentation due tomorrow the tendency was to just start dumping information onto slides and then wing the talk-to-people part. The resulting presentation had no theme, no core message, and no memorable result. […]

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How to Ace an Impromptu Speech

An ‘impromptu speech’ is a little different special. It’s a speech that you have to make when you haven’t been given notice time to allow you to prepare. The goal of an impromptu speech is not, nor should it be, to guide you into making a stirring, memorable speech that will have the audience jumping out of their […]

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Communication Lessons From Donald Trump

Donald Trump has developed a reputation as the most controversial and divisive US president America has ever seen. The former businessman and Apprentice host has shown the world how to make more headlines than practically anybody else.  In this post I present four communication lessons you can learn from “The Donald”. Sure he’s not as gifted as his democratic past presidents such […]

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How to Communicate Like Bill Clinton

Watching his performance at the Democratic Convention of 1988 it’s easy to forget that this Bill Clinton was almost booed off the stage early in his speaking career. The relatively unknown Clinton of those days was scheduled to speak for 15 minutes, but droned on for over a half-hour. His biggest applause line came at 32 minutes, when […]

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6 Steps to Successful Public Speaking

When faced with delivering a speech or presentation many of us worry about what we are going to say or how the audience will react. There is no need to be worried! This post outlines a simple, yet hugely effective method that you can apply to help you prepare and deliver well structured, compelling presentations. There’s a famous quotation on public […]

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How to Introduce a Speaker

Most of the posts on the blog are designed to enhance the preparation or delivery elements for your own speech or presentation. But what about when you are asked to introduce another speaker? There are many personal, academic and professional circumstances that call for a guest speaker. If you are ever in the position of introducing guest speakers, then […]

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