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About Dave

If you had come looking for me in the summer of 2013 you would probably have found me sitting in the Irish sunshine, on my MacBook, creating the very first version of davelinehan.com. I had just completed a bachelors degree in engineering at University College Cork and was keen to set up a personal website to display some of my work.

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By September I had moved from my home city Cork, in the south of Ireland, to the capital Dublin. Leaving college life behind, I joined EirGrid as a graduate electrical engineer. Soon after I got involved with the Young Engineers Society.

It was during my evenings at Engineers Ireland that I discovered Toastmasters, an organisation that empowers people to become more effective communicators and leaders. I went along to my local branch and a few weeks later I was hooked!

Public speaking was my newest passion.

I was delivering speech after speech at Engineers Toastmasters and really enjoying it. I was presenting for EirGrid as part of their ‘Schools Science’ show across Ireland. I was also an active member of Engineers Ireland and had created a monthly workshop for young engineers to get together and practice making presentations.

Back online, I had always wanted to start a blog but didn’t know where to start. I had read some advice that said

Write about something you love. Otherwise you’ll show no passion in your writing

A blog about public speaking seemed like a natural next step.

I launched ‘Communicate You’ blog in March 2015, along with a total redesign of davelinehan.com. The goal was to capture the most important elements of public speaking and presentation techniques as I experienced them in my own life.

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Fast forward to today and what initiated as a personal website is now an extensive resource about public speaking and presentation skills, and the blog is continuing to grow its traffic every month.

‘Communicate You’ aims to provide all the tools and techniques you need to become an effective and impactful speaker, step by step. As it develops it will feature advice on preparing, rehearsing and delivering a speech, tips and tricks for designing effective visuals, interviews with experienced speakers and much more.

I am continuing to hone my own communication skills everyday. 

In June 2016 I had the opportunity to present at the Foundry auditorium in Google as part of Startup Weekend. I was awarded the distinction of ‘Competent Communicator’ by Toastmasters International in March 2016 and am now working towards Advanced Communication. I am posting new articles to the website twice per month and also contributing articles to other sites, some of which are linked below.

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With practice and commitment I believe that anyone can improve their public speaking skills. It is my hope that this blog will offer readers the belief and determination to do just that. Thanks for exploring the site.