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December, 2015

Storytelling: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s set the scene. You are in the audience waiting for the next presentation to begin. For the past hour your time has been consumed by data, emails and facts and figures. Now imagine the speaker takes to the stage and launches into a presentation with slides full of complex text and cluttered graphs. How […]

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A Death By PowerPoint Experience

Microsoft PowerPoint was born in 1990 (the same year as me as it happens!) and today an estimated 350 PowerPoint presentations are given each second across the globe. PowerPoint’s share of the presentation software market remains a healthy 95 percent, leaving relative newcomers Apple Keynote, Google Presentation, Prezi, and SlideRocket in the shade, according to a study by Meinald […]

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Blog Profile: Speaking About Presenting

I have learned a great amount about public speaking and presentations from the articles of my fellow bloggers. I’ve created the ‘Blog Profile’ series as a way of saying thanks to them for providing such value. In this article I’m delighted to introduce ‘Speaking About Presenting’ to readers. Blog Profile: Speaking About Presenting Olivia Mitchell’s website is full of […]

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The Value of Feedback & How To Get It

First let’s get one thing straight. Everyone needs feedback. The reality is that no matter how compelling, good and effective you think your speech or presentation is, there is a huge advantage in getting someone to assess it and give you feedback. But there’s a slight problem. Many people find it hard to accept feedback. They view it as a personal attack. […]

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