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April, 2015

5 Effective Ways To Open Any Speech

The opening minutes of a presentation are critical for engaging your audience. In their research for The Definitive Book of Body Language, Allan and Barbara Pease claim that an audience forms up to 80 percent of its impression of a speaker within the first four minutes of a speech. Remember that the early stage of your speech is the peak time of the audience’s engagement level. […]

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Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Numerous studies confirm what we already know: People fear speaking in public. In one academic study, over 40% of people claim public speaking is their biggest fear. This post addresses two important questions: Why do people fear speaking in public?  What can you do to overcome the fear? To overcome the fear of public speaking, we must first understand the root cause. Why the Fear of Public […]

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How to Prepare for a Speech (Part 1)

Preparation is without doubt the most important element to a successful presentation, and the best way to reduce nervousness and combat fear. This blog post series is designed for people seeking a comprehensive, simple guide for preparing a speech or presentation. It takes the reader through a process which begins by defining the audience, and […]

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